Research Interests

Edge Computing, Computing Systems for Autonomous Driving, Mobile and Connected Health

Short Bio

Dr. Weisong Shi is the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at College of Engineering, Wayne State University. He is a Charles H. Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellow and a Professor of Computer Science, and directs the Mobile and Internet Systems Laboratory and Connected and Autonomous Driving Laboratory, investigating performance, reliability, power- and energy-efficiency, trust and privacy issues of networked computer systems and applications. Dr. Shi also chair Wayne State's Mobility Initiative, He founded the IEEE International Conference on Connected and Autonomous Driving (MetroCAD). Latest version is MetroCAD 2020, Feb. 27-28, 2020.

Dr. Shi is one of the world leaders in the edge computing research community, and has been advocating Edge Computing (Fog Computing) since 2014,  a new computing paradigm in which the computing resources are placed at the edge of the Internet, in close proximity to mobile devices, sensors, end users and the emerging Internet of Everything. In 2016, he co-chaired the NSF Workshop on Grand Challenges in Edge Computing, and was the founding steering committee chair of ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing (SEC).  He was interviewed by China Science Daily on the Rise of Edge Computing in December 2016. In 2018, Dr. Shi has led the development of IEEE Course on Edge Computing. In 2019, Dr. Shi serves as the lead guest editor for the edge computing special issue on the prestigious Proceedings of the IEEE journal. Check out his books on Edge Computing: 《边缘计算》 by Science Press and “Edge Computing: A Primer” by Springer. Their work on edge computing is in part supported by NSF and several industry partners, such as Facebook. Dr. Shi and the CAR lab was recently featured on IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magzine.

Dr. Shi is an expert in energy efficient computer systems research, including battery management for mobile systems and energy efficient data center design. He is also very active on the workload characterization and has received the best paper award of IISWC 2012 for their work on Taobao Hadoop workload analysis.  His work has been adopted and used by industry, such as Baidu, Alibaba, and Intel. In addition to publications, his group has developed several tools that have been widely used by the community, including  pTop, a process-level power profiling tool, has been downloaded more than 600 times from more than 30 countries; SPAN, a software power analyzer, has been downloaded more than 400 times since its release in 2012. 

Dr. Shi is also well known for his research and leadership on smart and connected health. He leads the Wireless Health Initiative at Wayne State University, and serves as the founding Editor-In-Chief of Smart Health Journal. In 2016, he served as the founding steering committee chair of IEEE/ACM Conference on Connected Health (CHASE). He was interviewed by Healthcare Analytics News on How Edge Computing Can Advance Healthcare in January 2018.

Dr. Shi is a recipient of the National Outstanding Ph.D. dissertation award of China (2002), the NSF CAREER award (2007), Wayne State University Career Development Chair award (2009),  Charles H. Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellow (2015), College of Engineering Faculty Research Excellence Award (2016), the Best Paper award of ICWE'04,  IEEE IPDPS'05, HPCChina'12, IEEE IISWC'12, the Best Paper Nominee award of ACM UbiComp'14,  the Best Student Paper Award of IEEE HealthCom'15, IEEE eHealth Best Paper Award 2017. He is an IEEE Fellow and a Distinguished Scientist of ACM. According to Google Scholar, his H-index is 42 and has a total of 10000+ citations. Dr. Shi's research group is actively collaborating with industry partners, such as Verizon, Continental, DENSO, Facebook, Intel, Nvidia, to name a few.   

Dr. Shi was on leave with the National Science Foundation as a program director in the Division of Computer and Network Systems, Directorate of Computer and Information Science and Engineering during 2013-2015. During his tenure at NSF, Dr. Shi mainly responsible for the Computer Systems Research (CSR) core program and two crosscutting programs, including Cyber-Innovation for Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES), Smart and Connected Health (SCH). Dr. Shi has been actively involved in the activities of IEEE Computer Society. He had served as the Chair of the Technical Committee on the Internet (TCI) during 2012-2016.  He is currently serving on the Research Advisory Board (RAB) of IEEE Computer Society.

Professional Leadership and Services

          Research Advisory Board of IEEE Computer Society  2017 -
          Chair of IEEE Technical Committee on the Internet (2012 - 2016) 
          Editor-In-Chief, Elsevier Smart Health Journal, 2016 -
          Associate Editor-In-Chief, IEEE Internet Computing, 2017-     
          Editorial board member of IEEE Blockchain Newsletter, 2018 -
          Editorial board member of IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2016 -
          Editorial board member of ACM Transactions on Internet of Things, 2018 -
          Editorial board member of IEEE Transactions on Computers, (2015 - 2016)
          Editorial board member of IEEE Internet Computing, 2014 -
          Editorial board member of Springer Computing, 2012 - 2018
          Editorial board member of Elsevier Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems, 2011 - 2019
          Editorial board member of Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2010 -
          Guest Editor of IEEE Internet Computing: Live Video Analytics    
          Guest Editor of IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing: Energy Efficiency of Novel Architectures and Systems
          Guest Editor of IEEE Internet Computing: Fog Computing (Mar/April 2017)
          Guest Editor of IEEE Internet Computing: Energy-Efficient Data Centers (July/August 2017)
          Guest Editor of IEEE Transactions on Services Computing: Edge/Fog Computing and Services (2018)
          Guest Editor (Lead) of Proceedings of the IEEE: Edge Computing (2019)
          Steering committee chair of ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing (SEC 2016 -)
          Steering committee chair of IEEE/ACM Connected Health (CHASE 2016 - )
          Steering committee chair of IEEE Conference on Connected and Autonomous Driving (MetroCAD 2018 -)
          Steering committee member of HotEdge, ICII, IGSC, CIC
          Advisory board member of IEEE Internet of Things Journal

          Chair, NSF 2018 CSR PI Meeting  
          Co-Chair, NSF Workshop on Grand Challenges in Edge Computing  
          General Chairs: SEC18, CHASE18, IGSC17, NPC17, CHASE16, HotWeb15
          Program Chairs: MetroCAD20, IGSC16, CoolDC16
          Track Chair: ICDCS17 on "Edge and Fog Computing"
          Track Chair: ICPP16 on "Data Centers and Cloud Computing"
          PC members: IoTDI20, ICDCS20, WWW20, IPDPS20, HotEdge20, IoTDI19, WWW19, IPDPS19, HotEdge18, ICDCS18, IPDPS18, IC2E18

Recent Invited Talks

11/14/19 Invited Talk at Case Western Reserve University on "Edge Intelligence and Its Applications on CAVs"
10/09/19 ADL on "When cloud computing meets edge computing"
09/20/19 Facebook 2019 AI Systems Faculty Summit
05/11/19 Keynote at 2019 China Edge Computing Symposium
04/16/19 Featured speaker at BioIT World Conference and Expos Track on Edge Computing
09/18/18 Keynote at World Artificial Intelligence Conference Track on Edge Computing
08/11/18 Keynote at the 12th Annual Conference on Advanced Computer Architecture (ASA'18)
06/15/18 Ford's Autonomous Vehicles & Controls Lunch & Learn Seminar Series
05/13/18 Keynote at 2018 2nd China Edge Computing Symposium
09/21/17 Distinguished Speaker at IBM Accelerated Discovery Form
07/13/17 Keynote at MobiMedia 2017
07/10/17 Keynote at China Edge Computing Symposium
05/24/17 Baidu Inc, Edge Computing: Vision and Challenges
05/18/17 Sun Yat-Sen University, Edge Computing: Vision and Challenges
11/29/16 University of Buffalo, Edge Computing: Vision, Challenges and Beyond
11/14/16 Inspur Technologies Co. Ltd., A Case for Edge Computing
05/23/16 University of Science and Technology of China, Energy-Efficient Computing: Vision and Challenges
01/15/16  CECS seminar at University of Michigan at Dearborn, Toward Energy-Efficient Computing


          CSC4290/4991 Introduction to Computer Networks [W06, F07]
          CSC5250 Networking, Distributed and Concurrent Programming [F02, W03, F06, F07, F08, F09, F10, F11, F12, F17]
          CSC5270/5991 Computer Systems Security [F04, F05]
          CSC7260 Distributed Systems [F03, W04, W05, W06, W07, W08, W10, W11, W12, W13, W16, W17, W18, W19]
          CSC8260 Seminar on Distributed Systems [F04, F06, F08, F11]

In the News

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Professor Weisong Shi
Department of Computer Science
Wayne State University
5057 Woodward Ave, Ste. 14102.2
Detroit, MI 48202, USA

Phone: (313) 577-3186, Email: weisong AT wayne dot edu, Skype: professorshi, Twitter: @shiweisong