11/30/2018 [Collaboration] The CAR Lab has teamed up with City of Detroit on data collection, processing and mapping.
11/09/2018 [Today@Wayne] Managing microplastic pollution: WSU research team secures $929k in funding for science-based mitigation initiative.
11/06/2018 [Honor] Professor Shi was featured in the inaugural issue of Wayne State Faculty Impact e-newsletter.
10/22/2018 [Talk] Professor Weisong Shi and six PH.D. students attended the Third ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing in Bellevue, WA.
10/22/2018 [Talk] Dr. Lei Zhong from Toyota ITC visited our lab, discussing the collaboration on Connected Vehicles.
10/20/2018 [Talk] VP of Singulato Motors visited the CAR Lab.
10/18/2018 [Webinar] Professor Weisong Shi, joined by Prof. Mahadev Satyanarayanan from CMU, hosted a free Webinar: IEEE Introduction to Edge Computing.
10/10/2018 [Show] The CAR Lab was invited to demo on the Detroit Moves show, which is part of the MICHAuto Summit 2018 in Detroit.
10/09/2018 [Talk] Dr. Jing Cao, Director of Research Insitute of Huanyu Driving Inc, visited our lab discussing the collaboration on Edge Computing on Autonomous Driving.
09/25/2018 [Talk] Dr. Michael S. Del Rose, the Chief Engineer from US Army TARDEC, gave a talk on “U.S. Army TARDEC Ground Vehicle Robotics Programs for Future Manned and Unmanned Teaming”.
09/20/2018 [Award] We have received the DRIVE PX2 grant from NVIDIA.
09/18/2018 [Talk] Professor Weisong Shi delivered a keynote at the "Edge Computing Intelligent Future Forum" at 2018 World AI Conference in Shanghai, China.
09/14/2018 [Talk] Dr. Zhaojian Li delivered "Future Mobility: Cloud-Enabled Automotive Decision-Making Systems"
08/07/2018 [Model D] New Wayne State lab uses autonomous vehicle tech to develop innovative computing solutions
06/15/2018 [Detroit Driven] Wayne State CAR Lab innovates edge computing and open platform
03/20/2018 [Today@Wayne] Facebook awards Wayne State University's edge computing research